Correctional Surgeries

Achievement Description

Congenital Heart Diseases control

  • Sponsorship of surgery for 3 paediatric patients with congenital heart diseases in collaboration with Hospitals for Humanity, USA

Interventions to reduce prevalence of deafness in the state

  • Screening of 146 deaf persons (Adults/Children) to identify those that will benefit from hearing aids & cochlear Implants
  • Preparations to commence treatment of screened deaf persons
  • Establishment of Screening Center for deafness in MAWSH in progress

Free Eye Care Programme

    • State-wide free eye care Programme (over 50,000 Drugs Distributed, 8,480 Glasses Distributed, and 2,463 Surgeries for Trachoma (429) & Cataract (2,034) conducted in 9 centers across the State
    • Conducted cataract Surgery for 200 Patients in collaboration with Turkish International Foundation
    • Signed MoU with Makkah Eye Specialist Hospital on Community Eye Care Programme
    • Free Eye Care program conducted in Sheik Jidda Hospital during which Cataract Surgery was conducted for 400 Persons, 800 Glasses were distributed & Over 1,000 patients benefitted from drugs

Project Details

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