Planning, Research & Statistics

The Department of Planning Research and Statistics came into being after the Civil Service Reforms of 1988 which was prior to the enactment of the abrogated Decree 43 which legalized and mandated establishment of Planning Research and Statistics Departments in both Federal and State Civil Service.

Department Overview: The roles of the department are mainly the articulation of operational systems and monitoring & evaluation of health sector programs aimed at enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of performances.

To achieve the objectives, the department performs the following functions:

  • Preparation of Ministry’s development plans (Short, medium and     perspective)
  • Preparation of Annual Budget
  • Monitoring and evaluation of plans and programmes of the Ministry
  • Secretariat of the Ministerial Tender’s Board
  • Conducting Research and supervisory roles into the sectors over which Ministry has jurisdiction.Sorting and monitoring of performance and efficiency targets to staff of the Ministry.
  • Constant collection and processing of health data and statistics relating to the Ministry (HMIS)
  • Management of the Ministry’s records and information resources (Data Bank, Library etc).
  • Co-ordinates all policy meetings including State and National Council on Health meetings.
  • Sectariat of Kano State Health Sector Advisory Operation Research Committee (ORAC).
  • General Co-ordination of staff matters, policies and other related issues
  • Responsible for the general Security of Ministry
  • It is also responsible for staff welfare i.e. staff development promotion etc
  • Preparation/processing of payment for recurrent and capital expenditure.
  • Revenue collection and general Financial Administration
  • Preparation and compilation of returns for recurrent and capital expenditure as well as revenue.
  • Procurement of supplies e.g. Stationary, Office Equipment and Materials etc.
  • Liason with relevant bodies outside the Ministry of Finance as well as responding to Audit Queries.


Planning, Budget/SMTB, Statistics/HMIS, Research/Survey, Human Resource for Health, Monitoring & Evaluation, Operational Research Advisory Committee, Health Financing