Physical Planning

The physical Planning Department of the Ministry was established in 2011 after curving it out from the department of Planning, Research and Statistics.
The department is currently, being headed by a director who is a quantity surveyor and fully registered with both Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) and quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria (QSRBN).

Functions of the department

  1. Participation in the annual budgetary preparation for the establishment/repairs and renovation or upgrade of physical infrastructures in hospitals and other related institutions
  2. Preparation of all physical structure development plan of the hospitals and other health institutions in the state including costing them
  3. Preparation of bills of quantities for hospital equipment, furniture and specialist services
  4. Responsible for the preparation of schedule of dilapidations and costing it
  5. Responsible for undertaking all direct labour projects
  6. Responsible for the preparation of contract documentation
  7. Responsible for the supervision of all capital and intervention projects
  8. Responsible for major infrastructural maintenance in hospitals and other health institutions in the state
  9. Responsible for raising payment certificates for all projects undertaken by either the Ministry or any donor intervention
  10. Responsible for the repairs and maintenance of utility services at headquarters
  11. Responsible for coordinating all correspondences related to physical planning with other MDAs like bureau of land management, KNUPDA, Due Process Bureau etc
  12. Keep track records of all the projects undertaken by the ministry including status of the projects, payments made and balance payments if there are.
  13. Performs any other duty assigned by the honourable commissioner

Units under the Department

Design Unit
The unit is headed by the Deputy Director Physical Planning who is an Architect. The unit is responsible and concerned with 1. Site development plan of any proposed project 2. Design of all proposed structures including modification of existing physical structures 3. Design of furniture/equipment

Building Development Unit
The unit is headed by a builder who liases with all other units to prepare progress reports, compile requests for new projects/upgrades of facilities and update records for budgetary preparation. It also advices on the build ability of the proposed projects. The unit also forms part of the team that supervises projects.

Quantity Surveying Unit
The unit is headed by an Assistant Director Q/S. It purely controls the cost of the projects and ensures that there is no cost overrun. The unit:- 1. Prepares preliminary estimate of proposed projects 2. Prepares bills of quantities for both new and repairs/renovation works 3. Prepares schedule of dilapidations/scope of work 4. Prepares contract documentation 5. Prepares valuation certificates and indeed value variations

Mechanical/Electrical Unit
The unit is headed by chief technical officer electrical and is responsible for the supervision of all mechanical/electrical works and other related installations. The unit also carries out all major electrical assessment and maintenance works in hospitals and other health institutions.

Land and Bio-Medical Unit:
The unit is headed by the chief technical officer bio-medical and assisted by chief technical officer lands. It is:- 1. Responsible for keeping records for all lands set aside for hospitals and other health institutions 2. Representing the ministry on all land matters 3. Responsible for the costing of new hospital equipment/cost of maintaining existing equipment.