Medicals and Health Care Services

Medical and Health Care Services Department is responsible for coordinating and implementation of all Medical and Health Care Services in the state. The department in collaboration with other line ministries offers special programme for the community when the need arises.


It coordinates Health related activities. It conduct various surgical/medical campaign programme on Non-communicable diseases

  1. It coordinates training of family medicine physicians at post graduate (Family Medicine) school and it coordinates Hajj camp clinic and environmental sanitation.
  2. Coordinate all medical Mission in the State

The Department has a Director responsible for coordinating and implementing the Ministry’s policies on Medical and Health Care Services through its units as follows;

Government Health office Kuroda
the unit is located at Sheik Mohammed Jidda General Hospital in Fagge LGA and is responsible for, Health inspection of Private Schools, Markets, Super Markets, Ware Houses, Stores, Public Gathering Places, Bakeries, Table Water Production Premises, Yoghurts production premises and Pilgrims Camp Sanitation activities etc. The unit is also responsible for vaccinating of intended international travellers but issuance of the yellow card was transferred to Port Health Services, and the unit supervises Cremation and Exhumation of dead bodies, and collection of Health fees as IGR.

Occupational Health Unit
the unit is also located at Sheik Mohammed Jidda General Hospital in fagge LGA and is responsible for; Inspection of Large/Small Industries, Hotels, Restaurants, Laboratory analysis of consumables items, Screening of workers for occupational Health related infections and hazard, (Occupational Medical check-up) pre- employment and Periodic Medical Examination of Workers, Prosecution of defaulters, and collection of Health Protection/ inspection fees from the Industries as IGR.

Abattoir (Meat) Inspection Unit
the unit is situated at Kano Abattoir, their duties includes Abattoir sanitation, ensuring Meat and Meat products are transported in hygienic manner to avoid contamination of the meat, Regulating the meat Hawker’s activities in and around the Abattoir premises, inspection of all slaughter slabs premises in state, and prosecution of defaulters where necessary. Apart from coordinating these units, the department offers the following service: 1) Medical and Health Care Department also coordinates the training of Family Medicine Physicians at Post Graduate (Family Medicine) School and is Located at Murtala Specialist Hospital. (2) The Department also conducts various Surgical/Medical Campaign programs on Non Communicable Diseases such as; Cancer Awareness Campaign Program, Donation of Free Drugs to Sickle Cells Diseases Program, Hernia Outreach Campaign Program, Eye Cataract Campaign Program. (3) The Department also coordinates other Health related activities such as Processing of applications/request for Medical assistance to the needy Patients to access treatment in both Nigeria and abroad. (4) The department also coordinate Hajj Camp Clinic activities and Sanitation. (5) The department also has some environmental health officers under it posted to some Government key hospitals and KNUPDA to supervise sanitation activities.