The Admin and General Services Department is saddled with the responsibilities of coordinating and supervision of the activities of the operational Departments of the Ministry. It provides support services in terms of financial needs to enable the Ministry/Departments functions and achieve their set goals.

Department Overview: The also manages the career progression of the entire staff of the Ministry, their welfare, promotion, discipline, training, salaries and General Routine administration of the Ministry. In order to accomplish this task the department is structured into units/sub-units comprising of Personnel, Accounts, Stores and Internal Audit. Each of these has its own duties or schedules and reports directly to the Director Admin and General Services (DAGS).

The department and its units perform the under listed functions

  • Routine Administration of the Ministry and Advisor on Personnel Matters.
  • General Co-ordination of staff matters, policies and other related issues
  • Responsible for the general Security of Ministry
  • It is also responsible for staff welfare i.e. staff development promotion etc
  • Preparation/processing of payment for recurrent and capital expenditure.
  • Revenue collection and general Financial Administration
  • Preparation and compilation of returns for recurrent and capital expenditure as well as revenue.
  • Procurement of supplies e.g. Stationary, Office Equipment and Materials etc.
  • Liason with relevant bodies outside the Ministry of Finance as well as responding to Audit Queries.



This unit is responsible for

  • Preparation for Promotion and Disciplinary Committee Meetings of both Senior and Junior Staff of the Ministry.
  • Liason with the Offices of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and Office of the Head of Civil Service on matters affecting welfare and other entitlements of staff.
  • Preparation for the conduct of manpower development committee meetings for the training of staff in the Ministry.
  • Processing of complaints from staff arising from under payment of salaries, allowances and other entitlements.
  • Supervision and coordination to ensure general security of the Ministry.
  • Supervision and maintenance of operational vehicles and power plant of the Ministry.


This unit is responsible for

  • Payment of salaries, Union dues and other goods and services.
  • Maintenance of all Accounting and Security documents such as cheque books, revenue receipts etc.
  • Ensure that payment vouchers, vote books and incurred expenditures are within the approved budget.
  • Submission of monthly report to the Account General, Ministry of Planning and Budget as well as the Ministerial payroll committee of the Office of the Head of Civil Service.
  • Responsible for the preparation, reconciliation and signatory of Bank Accounts.


This unit is responsible for

  • Purchasing and supply of office stationeries and other consumables.
  • Purchasing and supply of office equipments
  • Maintaining store receipts/issue vouchers.
  • Keeping up to date records of inventories in all the offices of the Ministry.
  • Keeping and Maintenance of assets register.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit function is to conduct prepayment audit on all payment vouchers and raise audit alarm where necessary