About Us

Providing Health Services to Citizenry of Kano State


Ministry of Health, Kano State

The Ministry of Health was established to provide health services to the citizens of Kano State. It is therefore an organization that coordinates policies for the regulation of Health Practices, Drugs Control and Personal hygiene as well as to conduct  supervision of Health agencies, execute health related capital projects with a view to ensure quality health care service delivery.

The overall purpose of the Ministry therefore is to develop and formulate appropriate policies and programmes as well as undertake measures that will strengthen the health system in Kano State. Similarly, the Ministry is set to reduce morbidity and mortality rates due to communicable diseases to the barest minimum, reverse the increasing prevalence of non communicable diseases, meet national and global targets on the elimination and eradication of diseases and significantly increase the life expectancy and quality of life of the indigenes of Kano State. In the same vein reduction of maternal and child mortality to the barest minimum through the provision of Ante Natal care and effective routine immunization of children below the age of five years is of priority concerned to the Ministry.

The Vision

"To reduce the morbidity and mortality rates due to Communicable diseases to the barest minimum; reverse the increasing Communicable diseases; meet National and Global targets on the elimination and eradication of diseases, and significantly increase the life expectancy and quality of life of all indigenes of Kano State"

The Mission

To develop and implement appropriate policies and programmes as well as undertake other necessary action that will strengthen the health system in Kano State to be able to deliver effective, quality and affordable health

Core Responsibilities of the Ministry

In order to effectively manage these vital services the Ministry is structured along seven (7) departments and four (4) parastatals with a Commissioner as the Chief Executive/ political head of the Ministry and a Permanent Secretary as its Accounting Officer, while each of the parastatals is headed by a chief Executive officer who is also the accounting officer. The Ministry is supervising/overseeing three (3) segments of the sector namely Heath Facilities, Training Institutions and Special Programmes In accordance with the under listed mandates.

  • Providing policy guidelines and strategic support to State, Local Governments and the private sector to establish a health system that is Primary Health Care oriented for the State;
  • Co-ordinating efforts of Government to provide a uniform State wide health system.
  • Collaborating with Local Government, private sector and International Donor Organizations to undertake the overall responsibility of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of Health Strategy.
  • Training of health care manpower in order to reposition the Ministry to provide more qualitative health care delivery.
  • Providing and maintaining of secondary health facilities and training institutions;
  • Supervising the Hospitals Management Board (HMB), State Primary Health Care Management Board (SPHCMB), State Agency for the Control of AIDS (SACA) for effective implementation of health care services in the State and Drugs Management and Consumables Supply Agency(DMCSA) so as to satisfy the drugs requirements of the State teaming populace through adequate and sustainable supplies of essential drugs at affordable prices.